So here we are. Thank you for all your support over the last few years! We hope we can add some good vibes to this year of 2020 with BALLAD OF THE PAST, our new album!

Before all things virus, we had planned a crowdfunding campaign in March to help us with the remaining expense of releasing our new music. We held off with that plan, but now would greatly welcome your support with this PRE SALE CAMPAIGN right from our own website.

You can pre-order some AWESOME new t-shirts, mugs, hoodies and other special perks......scroll down to check them out!

Your support now will help us get through the finish line with Mastering, Duplication and Promotion for this new record. We're planning on releasing the first few singles on the digital platforms, starting with "Record Playing Days" on October 9. 

The only way to hear the WHOLE ALBUM this year though will be on VINYL or CD! And we will be sure to get these and the other new merchandise items to you before the Holidays!

Again, THANK YOU. We really cannot say that enough.

PRESAVE our new single on Spotify and we will send you a special link to see the the entire "Pennsylvania" video--before the official November 13 release date! The video was shot on location in Centralia and Carbon County PA.


Kentucky Avenue brings you our last single release of the year, "Pennsylvania", coming out on Friday November 13.

This song was inspired by the story of Centralia, PA, where a decades-old underground coal mine fire still burns today.  The town itself does not exist anymore, with all the homes, schools, churches, and businesses having been razed long ago.  But this fire did more than destroy the physical place.  

“Pennsylvania” echoes with mournful resonance of those haunting days of confusion, loss, and leaving. Against the backdrop of a weeping violin and a pensive dobro, the two-part harmonies tell the same story side-by-side, but separated still by the hurt and hardship harbored in their hearts.

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