We’ve been so excited to get this song on our album, a song that started simmering back in 2018 when Dave handed Stella a sheet of paper with what would become its opening lines. The paper lay on the coffee table for a few weeks until one night, strumming away on the guitar and playing around with a new chorus...

Move over, Lonely
Move over, Luck
History will call it
When we’ve been through enough.
Now I’m calling Enough

Those initial lyrics found a home in this song about living through life’s challenges and coming out all
right in the end. 

Here’s what Cindy Howes of Folk Alley has to say:

"The dark horse of Kentucky Avenue's new album, "Enough" builds gradually into an unexpected musical avalanche. Steadfast and true, the vocals of this song about life’s most challenging struggles are resilient. The strength in the delivery is ever present, especially when Stella arrives at that peak note: you will want to sing out in unison with that final "Enough!”. Grippingly emotional, this song might walk the fine line of giving up, but with the sheer power of the chorus you can believe we don’t just have to put up with these challenges, we can persevere. And with the violin played by Michael Robert Taylor stepping in to accompany the melody until the end, you get the beautiful reminder that we are never alone.

So here we are. Thank you for all your support over the last few years! We hope we can add some good vibes to this year of 2020 with BALLAD OF THE PAST, our new album!

Before all things virus, we had planned a crowdfunding campaign in March to help us with the remaining expense of releasing our new music. We held off with that plan, but now would greatly welcome your support with this PRE SALE CAMPAIGN right from our own website.

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Again, THANK YOU. We really cannot say that enough.

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